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What type of ultrasounds do you perform?

Coastal Veterinary Imaging currently offers both Abdominal ultrasound and Echocardiograms.

Studies are performed by a Registered Sonographer and submitted to

Board Certified Radiologists and Cardiologists for review


When can we expect to receive results?

Written Abdominal Ultrasound reports are provided within 24 hours although most reports will be completed the same business day.


Echocardiogram reports are often completed within 24 hours but may take up to 48 depending on the Cardiologist's caseload.

STAT reports are available upon request for critical patients within 1-4 hours.


Do our patients need to be sedated for their ultrasound?

While we always try to complete the ultrasound without sedation, we may recommend a patient be sedated if we feel the image quality is being compromised.

We take great care in making our patients feel comfortable and most times sedation is not required.


How much does an ultrasound cost?

Please contact Courtney via email or text to request an up to date price list!


Do you offer ultrasounds for exotic pets?

Not at this time! If you are need of ultrasound services for your exotic pet practice please reach out so we can contact you when this service becomes available.


What are your current service areas?

Coastal Veterinary Imaging currently travels to Broward, Palm Beach, and The Treasure Coast! If you are located outside of our current service area please contact us! We still may be able to travel to your area!


How do we schedule an ultrasound with Coastal Veterinary Imaging?

You can schedule an ultrasound by Phone, Text, or email. Whichever is most convenient for your practice! The quickest way to get in touch is text!


Are ultrasound services available on the weekend?

Yes! While we appreciate stable patients being scheduled on the next business day we do have limited availability for critical patients Saturday & Sunday for an additional fee.

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